Jim Colbert

Jim Colbert is a 27 year verteran of talk radio in Orlando, Fl on Real Radio 104.1 with an unquenchable love and passion for cooking.  In 2015 Jim started PrimeTime Kitchen, a one hour radio show dedicated to living, loving and learning about all things delicious.  To uncover the mysteries of, and show the faces behind, the world of flavor.  The show has introduced PTK’s audience to some of the most intriguing minds of the culinary scene in Orlando and around the nation.  Jim has cooked in front of thousands of fans and has been a featured “celebrity” chef at a number of events in and around the Central Florida area.  Jim’s love for great food, and unique sense of humor, makes the show, not only informative, but fun as well.  PrimeTime Kitchen’s Facebook page has over 9,000 followers and PTK’s How Tuesday show regularly gets over 10,000 views weekly.